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  1. Benefits/Entitlements (HEAP, SNAP (Food Stamps), Health Insurance, etc) - our experts will represent the older adult in obtaining these benefits
  2. Guidance in securing Veteran's Benefits
  3. PRI/Screen - Our RN's will complete the Patient Review Instrument (PRI) that determines eligibility for higher level of care (skilled nursing)
  4. Act as a Liasion/Advocate during hospitalization and rehabilitation while assisting in arranging services for the older adult to return home
  5. Arrange/manage/monitor all services required to prepare the older adult's home for sale including cleaners, movers, estate sales, etc.
  6. Provide supportive and supervisory visits in the older adult's home, adult care facility, assisted living, and skilled nursing home.
  7. Arrange/manage/monitor home health care services
  8. Referrals to adult day programs, transportation, meals, adaptive equipment, and other services needed.
  9. Meet with you at rehab, review medical charts, conduct objective assessments, and talk with professional staff at facility. Create a plan for a realistic discharge, manage homecare arrangements/logistics, and advocate for essential community support
  10. For Financial Planners - we can provide assessments, planning, and ongoing case management so you can continue to efficiently manage the older adults financial needs