Elder Care Solutions - of WNY, LLC
Scope of Services
  • Able to assist with applications for entitlements such as Medicaid and Veterans Aid and Attendance.
  • Conduct comprehensive assessments to identify  problems, eligibility for assistance and need for services.
  • Arrange/manage/monitor home health care services, day programs, adaptive equipment, transportation, and any other services needed.
  • Provide fall risk assessments through community based physical and occupational therapy.
  • Conduct individual assessments using the New York State mandated tool, the Patient Review Instrument (PRI), that determines eligibility for higher levels of care.
  • Assist in finding appropriate facilities to meet different levels of care. Liaison/Advocate during hospitalization and rehabilitation; able to assist in arranging services for the client to safely return home. Crisis Management.
  • Provide supportive and supervisory visits in client's private home, nursing home, adult care facility, hospital or the emergency room.
  • Arrange/manage/monitor all services required to prepare the client's home for sale including cleaners, movers, estate sales, etc.
1.  Personalized services designed specifically to meet the client’s wants and needs.  Each person’s situation is different and no two care plans are alike.
2.  Efficiency and Flexibility
3.  Office without Walls – we specialize in meeting with the client and family within the person’s own environment either in the home, facility, or even hospital setting
4.  Continuity of care to reduce miscommunication, time, stress, and cost to client
5.  Match services to clients needs to help contain costs.  On going monitoring can prevent costly crises or unnecessary hospitalizations
6.  Services can be short term or long term
7.  Catering to long distance families and can be the eyes and ears of what is happening with their loved one  
Aging Life Care Professional™ Assessment           
What to Expect for an initial visit – the goal is to get to the know the client in their own environment to conduct a comprehensive assessment to arrange the most appropriate and affordable services:
1.  Outline of Medical History
2.  Current Medication Regime
3.  Assess Cognitive and Physical Conditions
4.  Assess Home Safety and Socialization
5.  Assess Financial Situation and Need
By starting with a comprehensive assessment, we will craft a care plan for the senior and family to alleviate the stress. The right Aging Life Care Professional can make a world of difference. 
Care Planning:           
The client will receive a formal document which will summarize the assessments findings.  Most importantly it will list our recommendations based on the present situation and an action plan.  The issues can include medical, psycho-social, personal hygiene, home safety, and financial
1.  Needed services will be arranged
2.  Monitoring of the client and systems put into place
3.  Alleviation of family stress or feelings of being burdened
4.  Increase in communication between client and loved ones
5.  Best possible care is arranged to provide quality of life 
The client will be billed privately on a fee for service basis.  A contract is provided and signed between the client and Aging Life Care Professional.  A contract can be voided with a written request.  All services can be provided either short or long term.           
The fees of an Aging Life Care Professional can not be billed to Medicaid, Medicare, or Private Insurance.  There are some Long Term Care Policies that will cover a Aging Life Care Professional.           
The Aging Life Care Professional will help outline the general cost of services to insure the most advantageous way to provide cost effective services for older individuals and caregivers.
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